Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Victorian Harness Racing Sports Club?

All enquiries can be made via the Membership Manager, Kelly Ternouth
Post: P.O. Box 464, Bendigo 3552
Mobile: 0408 570 197
Email Address:

Is my Membership transferable to a relative if I no longer wish to be a Member?

No, Memberships are not transferable and should you decide not to renew your Membership, your Membership will become inactive.

Can I lend my Membership card to a friend or relative for the Day/Member Events?

No, Member cards are strictly non-transferable. 

What should I do if I have lost my Membership card?

The loss or theft of Membership cards must be reported to the VHRC Membership Manager as soon as possible. A replacement fee of $10.00 applies to each lost Member card.


Do I need to provide my email address?

While it is not mandatory that Members provide an email address, in support of our goal to reduce our carbon footprint the Victoria Harness Racing Sports Club will increasingly be communicating information to Members via email. If you haven’t supplied your email address to VHRSC already you are most welcome to do so via: Email:  Mail: P.O. Box 464, Bendigo VIC 3552

I have changed my details, how do I let you know

If your address or other contact details change, please notify the Victorian Harness Racing Sports Club as soon as possible. These changes can be advised by: Email:  Mail: P.O. Box 464, Bendigo VIC 3552

To Update your details online click here.

For name changes, please forward a copy of your official supporting documentation e.g. Marriage Certificate.


Can I bring guests with me to the VHRC Member 'Happy Hour Nights' at Tabcorp Park?

Yes, a VHRC Member can take a guest to Member Happy Hours. Please contact VHRC to confirm if there is an additional charge for guests. There is an additional charge for some feature meetings. 


When is my Membership fee due?

Membership fees are due on the 1st September each year and are payable annually. There is generally a transition period between seasons where either season’s card can be used for entry, after this time Membership cards are deactivated and non-renewing Members are considered inactive. To return to the Club you are welcome to re-join at anytime throughout the season.


Can you explain the Membership renewal process?

The Membership season runs from 1st September to 31st August each year. Renewal notices are sent to Members prior to the beginning of the new Membership season. There is generally a transition period between seasons where either season’s card can be used for entry. During Membership renewals our office is inundated with Membership application forms, the processing and delivery of packs may be delayed at this busy period so we appeal to Members for patience as we process the multiple forms and mail out new Membership packs.   

Can you explain the Membership renewal process?

 Once your application and payment has been received, your application will be processed and a membership card and package will be sent out to you. Should you wish to attend any race meetings whilst your application is being processed, please contact us via email or via phone 0408 570 197 and we will advise the particular Country Club that you are wishing to attend that we have received payment for your membership.