What is the VHRC

The Victoria Harness Racing Club (VHRC) was formed in 1956 to foster the social activities of harness racing partons. Initially based at the Royal Agricultural Showgrounds in Ascot Vale, the Club moved to the new headquarters of Harness Racing at Moonee Valley in the late 1970’s.

As of July 7th 2006, the VHRC merged with Melbourne Harness Racing (MHR) to become one club, Metropolitan Harness Racing Club Incorporated.

Since then, the MHRC and HROA (Harness Racing Owners Association), decided that the product they could offer to members as one Club, would far outweigh that of two separate Clubs, so another merger took place between the two Clubs.

Members voted for the amalgamation on 21st November 2009 and thus, a new Club was born which is now known as the VHRSC (Victorian Harness Racing Sports Club Inc).

Now since there are no longer any harness racing meetings at Moonee Valley, the VHRSC will be concentrating on accommodating members out at the new home of harness racing, Tabcorp Park in Melton.  

VHRSC has a nine person Committee comprising equal representation from each of its three member bodies.